She then asked God..."What should I do now?"

To her, time has stopped at that day. She knew it will come to her soon or later.

It has happened before. Couple times of days like that day.

But, that day was different this time. She couldn't tell it to any soul alive. Because that's a secret between her and her Creator.

One day, a voice came to her, "Something wonderful will happen today."
She thought the one thing she wished for came back to her for real, but not.

She couldn't sleep along the night, waiting for her wish to come true.
And when she fell so deep in a sleep, it became real.

She was in her imperfection, smiling so brightly with flaws as she was talking to him.
She was wary, afraid that he aware of her imperfection.
But, she could not see any contempt signal on his smile, though she knows how good he could be at hiding his true feeling behind his perfect smile.
She tried to not care. All she could think was, "I had to make him like me."
But all she did was nothing special. She was too nervous for being her real self...or too afraid.
That's because she has aware of the invisible wall between them a long time ago.
The wall that make them so distant even though they're near.
The wall that has been put up by him ever since he said, "I don't care about you."
The wall that hurt her so bad when she was trying to break it down for zillion times.
The wall that restrain her to say anything, to do anything to make them closer.
She has been hurt of the invisible wall so much that she's afraid to try to fight it again.

But then he hug her from behind. His big hands cover her small hands. And they were talking and talking until she realize that they've been talking too long, she became afraid he could aware her imperfection, so she told him she wanted to go home. And she went home. She still could felt his big hands touch in her hands....until now.

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