Batak people in front of their traditional house with their traditional clothing

According to wikipedia,

Batak is a collective term used to identify a number of ethnic groups predominantly found in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Here, let me show you where is this North Sumatra.

Being a batak, it means that you have a very big family. It's like that everywhere you go, you will meet your relatives no matter how far you go, even to the end of the world. That's why people have impression that we, batak have so many relatives. Actually, it has something to do with clans. Some of you must be wondering how do we find out which one is batak or not from their last name. Well, we just know, plus, batak's physical features are quite distinctive. It's not that hard to recognize them. Just simply hear the way they talk and their deep, big, loud voice and you will never be wrong, haha.

Batak people are well known for their harsh, rude attitude, not to mention, fierce, never-give-up people (or you may call it stubborn perhaps), selfish, arrogant and snobby. That's what people usually get at their first impression meeting batak people, but actually we are people with such a big heart, we never ashamed admitting our mistakes and willing to do whatever it takes to fix it, we never fake our feeling. If we hate someone, we just say it without any kind of drama, conspiracy or backstabbing stuff.

We are definitely not a backstabber. I can ensure of that, because that is exactly why people think we are rude. We even never understand the concept and the purpose of sugar coating words. We just NEVER do that. Believe me, never.

Traditional Garments of Batak, Ulos.

We also have high sense of solidarity. If one of our loved ones is in trouble, we will do anything to support him/her to the extent of killing people if it's needed. And the most romantic thing of all is we love our family so much that it kills us. Can you imagine a scary adult guy with a big mustache on his face crying like a baby in public place just because of his children leaving house to go to other town for college, or when graduating, or when his daughters got married, or when he has his first grandchildren, or any other little things that was not supposed to be cried on. It happened to me. My dad cried few times in public place. It was quite shocking and a little bit embarrassing. Me and my other batak friends used to laugh a lot about this.

I'm proud to be a part of batak ethnic group, even though it means more obligations for me, especially when I'm the first born child in my family. First born child means something big in batak culture. I'll explain it some other time >___<.

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  1. What is your clan?
    U said that u proud to be batak but I don't see your marga !
    So u want to marry with bule?
    Ntah knpa bnyk orng ngebet bnget ma bule.
    Krn spertinya isi blog mu sperti itu.


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