Recently 2 friends of mine told me that I have so many people hate me. When there were only one person told me, I thought, 'oh okay. That's just his own assumption because I know that's not true.' But then 2 days later, one stranger said the same thing, so I thought, omg... there must be something wrong with me, so I decided to do a little research about myself.

I've been asking around, but this time I asked my friends, people who really know me. Well, we've been friends for 5-6 years. First person I asked is Arum. She's my friend in college. We used to hang out a lot before she moved to Jakarta.

I asked her, 'Do you think there are many people hate me?' I thought she was gonna say yes, because one of her bff (bff? pfft... loool) hates me, but surprisingly she said no. I was speechless. I didn't expect that. But even so, I wonder because I know for sure one of her bff hates me. Then why Arum said there are no people hate me? Was she just trying to be nice to me? So I asked her the same question and I told her to be honest, but she won't change her answer. She said she knows me so well. She knows I'm the kind of person who always do what I think is right, especially when it comes to people.

She was right. If I ever do 'wrong' thing to other people, that's because they deserve it.

And I asked to my other friend, Maria. She's been like older sister to me. I used to sleep in her house for weeks if I don't feel like to go home haha. She is tooo kind. One time I went out of town and I ask her to take care of my house, she washed all my laundry and clean my house. Wooow!!! I didn't even ask her to do that.

Ok, back to topic, lool. I asked her the same question if there are people hate me. She answered, not really. She know some people hate me, but she wasn't sure and she never care about that, so she couldn't give valid statement. But she said, if there were some people hate me, that's probably because I talk too direct to people I don't like. But to her, that's not a problem, coz she know me I never have negative assumption about people. If I do, I always ask first, giving chance to people to defend themselves. Then, she told me to take this 'event' as a lesson. Maybe I could 'attack' people directly, but I must choose every word wisely because not everyone can take 'direct attack' so well. I gotta be careful. If I'm not sure, then don't attack them. Just keep it in your heart, she said.

I actually have asked many people as well, but all of them said that I don't have many enemies. And my friend from net world, ASquirtle said a good word about it. He said...

everyone has people who hate them.

And he was right. That's why I never care about having enemies or not. I know that no matter what I do, there are always some people who would just hate me for no reason. And I don't care whether I have friends or not, because I already have best people around me. So yeah, I feel sorry for people who have misjudged me. You know nothing about me. And I don't care MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  1. Yeah, there will be some other people would hate us if we could turn back the time and choose not to do the things that make some people hate us now. So go ahead, just be your self and do whatever you think it is right. ^_^

    1. haha of course. I just can't fake my feeling toward people.

  2. hi nes, don't let haters let u down (i don't even know they exist). hehehe... about my friend(u know who), i think she don't hate u. She asked me about ur bb pin and she add u as her contact right? yup, just do whatever u think it is rght (agree with fely).

    1. Do you think so? She doesn't hate me, eh? Then why she er... uhh... talk bad things about me? loool, ah it's okay tho. We both know how she is,and she's my friend too. I'll talk to her after this :P

  3. kalo gua sih gak perlu dipusingin lah kalo ada orang lain yang benci ama kita. yang penting kita berusaha untuk gak pernah menyakiti orang lain dan gak membenci orang lain.

    kalo sampe ada orang yang benci ama kita, it's their loss...


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