I understand people always have their own assumption on everything or everyone they met. I do also understand that it's unavoidable and it's natural. I don't blame them for that. But please, before any of you finalize your assumption to 'the truth' that you trust, give your brain time to think just a few second about the other possibility that what you think or what you 'trust' might be wrong.

Don't judge other people, please. You don't know anything. Maybe you have proof or something that can be guaranteed as 'the truth', but still, you are not God. You can't judge people and then label them as a sinner, a whore, or evil people. People make mistakes just like you. Sometimes they do some dumber mistakes then we do, but I believe everything happen for a reason. We can't badmouthing people, especially for something that you don't know for sure.

If you think some people are that 'evil', then don't talk to them or friends with them. You have no right badmouthing them and make it a big deal or worse, you spread false rumors out of it and make it worse than before.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Be humble and always objective of everything... or else... karma will get you good, and twist your position to the other side, to where was the person you judged at.

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