I'm not gonna cry. Not gonna complain. Not gonna tell a soul for what happened.
No one needs to know.

I've been through this couple times...with you...
...and because of you...

I'm losing tracks. How? Why? Who was at fault?
Sometimes I just don't care.
Sometimes my mind going cuckoo that I want to just...die.
Yeah, that's how much bad it is.

No one could understand, because I know nobody would.
I'm done trusting people.
Not anymore.

I thought if I cry all out, I'll be done with it. It's not.
I thought if I eat everything I want, it'll be over. It's not.
I thought if I could make myself busy, do anything crazy out there every day, every night, I'll forget it. But, it's NOT.
That's how much bad it is.

And I hate it when someone act as if they know everything about me,
about what I feel, about what I'm supposed to do.
I hate it when they tell all the cliche things.

"This will pass?"  "I'll get over this?"

 It'll be a lot better if you don't say anything at all.

The only thing that keeps me holding on is Someone up there.
Because He keeps telling me that everything is gonna be alright.
He keeps telling me that He's gonna turn all things around...
That He gonna make all my wishes come true.
And also that He will never leave me.
That He has seen everything, so He understands it all.
He will never let me through this alone.

And this is why I'm writing this.
To say how grateful I am for everything.
That even the word 'thank you' is not suffice enough when I think how much He has done for me.

But, yeah.
Thank You.
Thank You so much.

And I believe in You...and Your promises.
It will all come true.
Thank You.

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