I love him.
Never in my life I felt so sure about this love

Is that what I always say every time I fall in love and I just forgot?

Mr. Alien? Maybe. Tho I knew first love usually never works.
Mr. Cinnamon? Never. Not at all. If not, I wouldn't let him go.
Mr. White? He was the man of my dream. I forced my heart to believe that he was the one tho I knew from the start that he wasn't.
Mr. Super Skinny? Pfft. Oh, please.

But, him, Mr. Blue Uniform with big charming smile, he's different.
Yeah, he has perfect smile and all, but God knows he's not that perfect.
How much I wish to not fall in love with him.
Imagine a hedgehog, and you try to hug that creature.
or some poison in a cute little bottle that wouldn't kill you instantly, but....
You just can't stop to drink it little by little everyday.
You know you gonna die, but you can't resist this poison.

Sadly, but true, He is that hedgehog. He is that poison.

'Stay away from that guy!', my brain told me.
'What if he is the one?', my heart told me.
It's been a constant war.
Between my brain and my heart.

Sometimes my heart wins, and the result...him mad at me.
Sometimes my brain wins, and the result...I'm mad at him, decided to cut ties and never talk to him ever. Deleted him from all of my social media account: facebook, skype, line, and everything with him in it and after awhile, crawling back to him, begging for forgiveness and ask him to be friend again.
So far it has happened three times.

But, I always find my way back to him.
At the third time, I told him to never ever cut ties again.

And now am confused, dear Alpha...
Is he the one?
Should I wait for him or forget him and looking for the best one out there?


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