I know I have awesome brothers, especially the one I'm gonna talk about in here. I always look up to him. Half of who I am today is all from him. The way I see the world, the way I think, the way I socialize with people, the way I humor the world. He has been a great influence to me. And also everybody loves my brother, everybody trusts him and willing to sacrifice anything for him (esp girls tho lol). He's been a wonderful advisor for everybody. When it comes to love and girls, believe me he's the expert.

He also has such a big, wide web of friendship. He has lots of friends everywhere. You want to get to know some hot models? He has them. Doctors, lawyers, DJs, architects, entrepreneurs, and also other people beyond country. So, long short story, I called him and said that I want him to set a blind date for me with some hot foreigners, hopefully they have blue eyes and tall figure (alias bule gituh loh hahaha). But guess what he told me.

Brother:   Nuh-uh. Your mother's gonna kill me. Those people don't even believe in God. I don't wanna take that risk. They are all dangerous to you.
Me:   Whyyyyy? Well, it won't be hurt to have them as a friend. I'm not a kid anymore. I know what's right to do and what's not to do.
Brother:   No way, you're still a kid. You can't hang out with those people.
My older sister:  Wow, you are so weird. You told your sister she can't hang out with them while you told her that you've been sleeping around with some European girls.
Brother:   Well, she's still a kid. And I want to keep it that way.

And I was like -_____________-

I can't believe he still treat me as a kid. If only he know why I need a blind date so much right now, he would've done it for me. Brother, I need new guy on my mind now because I still can't stop thinking about that old Neptune -sigh-

Please, brother JB.


  1. sometimes someone will let us decide once he is assured that we're ready for all consequences of our choice :)

  2. every brother want's the best for his sist... u must be lucky


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