I was thinking... if my feeling to him is like a paper boat that was sent to Neptunes by Kugy.
Got crushed into a pulp on its way before reaching to the sea... to the heart of Neptunes.
The god of the sea never had any idea of how I felt toward him, of how he meant for me.
He never got my paper boat...
He never got my feeling...
He never got me...

I whispered my heart, "It is fate, dear. It's your fate."
And I smiled while looking up to the sky and said, "You are so funny, Big Guy. So Funny."
At first I was laughing but then I found myself in the pool of tears.

"There must be something in this, dear. The Big Guy has a plan for you."
That was my mind told my heart.

I gave up.
Also, I thought there's no use to keep crying about it.
No use to keep feeling hurt about it even though it's still... there... watching me closer... and closer
It's unavoidable...
I admit, I'm still helpless against it...

But since I know the truth, I send my paper boat to the God of Light, to the God of Sky, God of Universe... God of my soul

No more paper boat to god of sea...
Cannot send any more paper boat to the god of my heart

He will be replaced.
Another god will come... and rules my heart...
As the will of God of my soul...

One Comment

  1. aku udah baca ceritanya, dulu.
    sekrang lupa ceritanya.. *tepokjidat..
    Iya, ga usah kirim paper boat lagi Freya..
    Hemat kertas, atuh. Global warming!
    *hihihihihi.. (^^)V


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