I have one weird story. I may have said it in my previous blog. Few of my loyal readers may have read it, but I wanna tell you again.

I once had a friend. He was my best friend. I forgot how did I meet him for the first time. It was so many years ago. If I'm not mistaken, I know him from a friend of mine. And after that we were constantly talking on facebook chat messenger. Sometimes he called me, but then it got intense and before we know it, we both couldn't go to sleep before hearing each other's voice. The thing that I like was that what we had was pure friendship and that's all. I never saw him as in romantic light, and so was him (at least that was what I thought).

At our first meeting, he was also clearly told me that he has girlfriend that he will never ever leave (which I wondered why he said that because I never asked). Once awhile he mentioned his girlfriend to me. He mostly complained about her and I was always help him to make things better.

But, as days passed by, I felt there was something weird about our relationship. He said he has girlfriend but he called me everyday for hours and he did things for me that make me confused. There was also a time where he don't wanna talk about his girlfriend and sometimes he even implied that he no longer has girlfriend. And I was like... did he break up with his gf because of me?

I gotta admit that I was kinda flattered, but I also know that me and him are so 'Mission Impossible'. There are many factors but mostly because I know that I don't have that feeling to him. I may have confused that I might have feeling for him, but every time I see his eyes, I don't see it there. I realize that it was because I feel flattered for what he did for me, for how he treated me.

So I tried to get our relationship on the right track, that we only friends and that's all. At first I didn't pick up his calls and I also kept bringing his girlfriend to our conversation, and I also told him about some guys I liked. For couple months, it was good and I know we were on the right track. But more and more each day he became rude to me. He was always throwing rude and harsh jokes about me. Luckily, I grew up among lots of brothers so I kinda used to it. I never got mad at him, except that day.

Maybe I was tired or PMS stuff or maybe he said something out of the line, I don't remember, but I flipped out and I yelled at him. I blurt everything that I've been held back. He seemed pretty shocked because I was never mad at him (or maybe because I looked really scary once I got mad. People said it could be a life changing moment once I got mad lol).

Long story short, he said that he was rude to me because he fell in love with me. He knew he already has gf and he will never leave her. He will marry her someday, but what he felt for me was so strong so he got to remind himself over and over that I'm not worth it, that I'm bad for him. I was speechless and for me it didn't make any sense at all but of course I didn't tell him that. In the end, I told him that I never saw him as in romantic light so his rude actions may not necessary since I will never have that kind of feeling for him. And with that we were back as normal friends again, except that we never talk as much as before until now.

And yet, lately someone has told me the same thing again. He said he's been avoiding me because he likes me (of course he finally admit that after dozen of dramas where I was mostly crying and stuff lol)... so, who is the weird one in here? Me or those guys?



  1. Rude action, such as?
    Did he kiss you..?
    *Aha! you are blushing. :p

    u know, men always run for you when you ignore them.
    and ignore you when you are into them.

    Be wise, Frey.

  2. No, there was no such a thing -____-

    I'm tired of this guy thingy games.

    All I know is I let God take care of everything because I don't wanna feel hurt again. God has promised me the next time I fall in love with someone, he'll be the one :D... and I'm optimist about that :D

  3. baca cerita lo, kek baca novel yah~ nulis na bagus, wakakakakak :), ada kelajutannya ga ? ^^

    1. serius, pit? lu bilang bagus? wakakak. yah baguslah kalo ada yg muji hihihi. Gw emang berencana bikin novel seh fyi :P

    2. hahaha setuju ama pitshuuu... dan gw bingung sebenernya mau komen saking terpesona dgn gaya cerita lu. gw demen bacanya :D

    3. beneran? waow... ga nyangka adelheid suka blog ane. cihuy cihuy :D.... jadi semangat neh untuk ngeblog lagi heheh :D


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