I love children. There's no doubt about it. I love children so much that I wanna have them right now. I want a sweet little girl with puffy curly hair like mine and eyes of cat eyes shaped like mine, or a smartass boy who always know everything just because he's smart like me. I want 4 kids of my own, and 5 adopted kids. I will raise them with love and show them how big the world is and how fun life can be, and that life is full of responsibility and that they can be whatever they want as long as they work hard for it. I do really really want kids so much.

But then here's a big question for me, who's the father?

LOOOOL. I don't even have a boyfriend yet.

The funny thing is... I even asked my friends who were about having abortion to keep their babies. I told them I would do anything for them. I would pay the hospital fee or their nutrition or food or anything so they can have healthy babies and I'll be the one who will take care of them, but none of my friends took my offers. I do understand though. They were under stress. Their boyfriends just ran away when they know they knocked out their girlfriends. And their family would definitely cast them out for life. They were scared, confused, lost and depressed, so they always told me they had no choice but to kill their babies.

I always cried, but mostly I cried in silent because I don't want to make my friends feeling worse. But sometimes I couldn't hold my tears and I just cried in front of them when I can't change their mind.

There are many people out there trying to have babies, and some of them cannot have it no matter how much they try, but my friends killed their own flesh and blood. What an irony.

God, I wish I could get married soon with someone I love >____< and have lots of kids heheh

PS:  Test Pack Movie was AWESOME. I rarely give compliment to Indonesian movies, but this one is different. You all should watch it.


  1. same question to woman who has abortion. She should be more carefull and responsible before 'making' it up. Million couples try so hard to get a baby.

    Pakabar, freya?

    1. I know right. But I know some people who err... ahh never mind...

      *cries on the corner*

  2. Makasih Tuhan, sudah menganugrahiku Arjuna yang lucu...
    Aborsi, memang jahat. Mereka seharusnya ""pintar" melindungi diri mereka........
    Ayo Freya,kudoakan cepat ketemu jodoh dan buat anak yg banyakkkkkk... hihiihihiih.

    1. Iya, bersyukurlah sama Tuhan, Gek.

      Hahahah amin amin semoga cepet yah ane bisa ketemu jodoh ane. Makasih yah udah didoain. Ane terharu loh beneran huhuhu


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