He:  I know you love me.
Me:  Huh? What?

And then he laughed after that. I thought he was joking, so I didn't ask him why he said that, but I knew there was something strange. He was always trying to be beside me. He was always tailing me wherever I go. He was always taking picture of us as if like he's trying to make us seen as a couple. Everybody thought we were a couple. He also always put his hand around my shoulder or waist as if like I'm his girl, but I pretended I had something to do every time he do that.

Then, something happened.

He came to me, trying to console me, but at that time there was a lot of people around me so he couldn't talk much to me. Few days later I decided to make things clear, so I came to him and ask him, 'What has that 'bitch' told you about me?' But he was insisted to never ever tell me EVER. I was mad, disappointed. Deep down I already know the answer. I just want him to be honest to me. I thought he was one of those few people that I can call as my best friend, who don't hold back anything, who would 'attack' me directly on the face, not stabbing me from behind. I was trying to avoid him for weeks, but then he finally can caught me in the end.

He was kinda dragging me while holding my hand tightly. So tight that it hurt. That was the first time I ever feel scared of what a guy can do. He yelled at me, asking for answer. I told him that I don't want to have anything to do with him. I told him about my assumption. I said I might not know what exactly that bitch told him, but I can somehow figure it out. He then admit it. That bitch told him I fell in love with him and that I would do anything for him, including sleeping with him.

I was so mad, but I tried to be calm. I don't know what has gotten into me, I said the cruelest word ever to him. I told him I will never ever in love with him. I told him that he's not my type, that he's not a man I ever wanted, that I would even never like a loser like him.

I wish I didn't tell him that.

Because I haven't seen him since that day.

I asked his friends, they said he has changed his phone number. No one really know what's his new number and where is he right now. All I heard that he has worked in government's department. I really want to apologize to him. I want to talk to him again. And having fun together in our favourite spot.

Miss you, T.


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