It means believe.

Sometimes I fall in depression, desperation, discouragement. Okay, maybe not sometimes, but most of the time hahaha. Mostly some of people I care are the cause, and some other time because I have failed. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who is easily give up when I know I'm gonna fail. I do blame my parents for that. I've been growing up with their words that I would never achieve my dreams, that I will always fail in everything I do because what I wanted, what I dreamed is not what their wish. And of course, they insisted that I must do everything they want in order to be not fail. I went to the school they chose from kindergarten, high school, university, and also the kind of work I must do. They always do some err... 'cruel?' things so I end up doing what they want. They never listen what I want to do.

Every time I tell my dreams to them, they will always say, "No, because you gonna fail." 
The worst part is they even want me to get married with the guy they gonna choose for me *facepalm* (I swear I'm gonna runaway from this country if that happen). In that kind of situation, I feel like I have died inside for a very very long time. I don't believe in myself that I could do things amazing, extraordinary things like most successful people do.

All this time I've been in rebellious stage haha (I think it's natural, right?). My parents have become soft lately to me even though some things haven't changed yet, but I'm sure it will get better. All I know is to keep thinking positive and have faith to the Almighty One that everything is gonna be okay.

And I feel more energized when I listen to Bayu Risa's single, 'Percaya'.

This song inspired with the struggles of children with cancer. I love every word in this song. After all, we must believe in ourselves even though people around us don't believe in us.

Keep fighting!

And don't give up!


Here's the video of the song


  1. Well, you have to blame your parents about that. That's so unfair for you, darl! Don't give up. Thinking positive and show your parents that they are wrong and YOU ARE RIGHT!
    Yes, I still remember you!
    kiss xo

    1. OMG, I missed you, Gek. I know you will always support me, dear. Love you *kiss*


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