I took these pics long ago. I forgot I have it. So, there's a stray cat in my neighborhood, quite chubby and very stubborn. Sometimes she sneaked in to my house stealing food from kitchen. She usually camped out around my house and I was surprised to see her weird habit.

How dare she slept on my car graaaar....

She slept behind my fence too loool. Waaa she looked cute.

I can't believe she can slept peacefully there loool


  1. Hi Freya ^^

    Nice to e-meet u ^^

  2. sebenarnya kucing tuh lucu, cuma klo udah meng-ngeong dan di unyel2 nyakar g udah ga demen tuh! ga kek guguk2 di unyel2 lucu hahahaha :)

  3. lucu-lucuuuu... jadi ingat kucing2 masa kecil kuuuuuu


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