Stop asking for something unspeakable
Because it's always shown I'm here just for you

Stop talking for something unsure, dear
If only you can see my eyes and see the truth there

No need a word to be said
No need emotion to emphasize what I feel
No need tears to show what is real

I've tried to stop the time to chase your shadow
I've tried to stop the time to be with you... always

But you choose to not see that
And let black clouds blinded your eyes and your perfect sense
Take you to wrong direction that I cannot enter

I surrender to fate now, dear
I don't want to defend myself to you
Because you gonna think I'm lying

Let the truth comes to you
And tell their story on their own

And I will always be here... waiting for you...


  1. Jodoh ndak kemana cintaku..
    Let it go. Iklas.
    *btw, si unyu2, emang merek As*s kok...
    nyengir lebar..

  2. dari pada always waiting, mending dikejar :D

    salam kenal :)


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