Nah, relax. I'm not gonna talk about my broken heart again like what I used to talk in my old blog haha. This time I wanna tell you that I just found one cute song from Big's drama soundtrack, 'Hey You'.

That song remind me of how fun it is to be fall in love. You just keep smiling at random times, when you're at work, when you're alone or when some shit happened in your life. Love can bring little sparkle in your heart, makes you want to do best everyday, brings you 'life' when you feel not living.

I always and always looking for this feeling, but the thing is I can't fall in love easily >____< and once I fall in love it'll be so deep that it's gonna tearing my heart so bad and turning my world upside down. And mostly, when it happens, most of my friends would say something like... 'Freya, stop loving him!'

I'm tired being hurt. I'm scared to go to that place again where I'm ready to give everything to the person I love, but that person left me just because we are not meant to be. No matter how hard I try to make it work, if we are not fated to be together, everything will be useless. I don't wanna go there again. Feeling hurt for someone who doesn't deserve of my love.

I'm scared... but I want to fall in love again.


  1. Hi, just wanna drop by and say hellow :)

    I never give my 100% to a boyfiend, it is better be loved by a man than loving a man :p
    Prinsip saya setelah married dan sah secara agama baru deh boleh give your 1000% hehehe (easier said than done, i know!)

    1. Haha... I never said I have given my 100% to anyone though :P, but good idea. Maybe I will talk about this next time :D

  2. jangan takut jatuh cinta, karena sesungguhnya cintalah penggerak dunia. *halah. apadeh ya? ga pantes bener si h kalo kata-kata ini gue yang ngucapin. Wkwkwkwk but I mean it, dear. ^_^

    1. Haha si teteh bisa aja, but you're right. Every action has a risk, so does with falling in love hehehe.


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