I wrote this long time ago in my other blog heheh. Here we go:

1. I hate my first name so much. My High School Teacher said that my first name means ‘bad luck’ in Portuguese.

2. All my life I always thought I don’t belong to this planet hahaha.

3. I’m proud to be Aquarius. That’s why I’m not afraid to be different.

4. It’s every girl’s dream to be a princess in big castle, waiting to be saved by a prince with white horse, but NOT ME. Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a knight with long sword, slaying dragons and monsters to protect people I love.

5. I’m one of those people who always do the opposites when I’m being told what to do. I always know exactly what I'm doing.

6. Once in a while, I need some time to be alone, to travel alone and to experience things on my own. Please warn me when I'm in that state, because mostly this will bring me a very big problem ahead.

7. I love traveling to mountains SO MUCH. I love jungle. I love big trees. I love fresh air.

8. I hate BEACH. Why? First, I can’t swim. Second, I’m afraid of water.

9. I love it when things become unpredictable. I love challenge. And I love it more when I win :D

10. I have secret obsession to be a movie director since I was in middle high school.

11. I get bored easily with everything.

12. Once I like something (or someone)  it'll be so hard to move on loool.

13. I rarely fall in love. And when I do, I fall too deep and would rather to keep it secret.

14. I’m moody level 10000000000~

15. People always think I’m heartless bitch, but actually I’m not. Tho I must admit that I love it when they think I am :D

16. Huge fan of Utada Hikaru and Homogenic. Other groups or boyband or any singer may come and go as my bias, but I will always love Utada and Homogenic forever.

17. I hate carrot, spinach, and peanut. 

18. My most fave food are fried rice, fried noodle, and spaghetti carbonara.

19. I want to get married with blue eyes guy  >___<

20. I always want to live in Norway for the rest of my life, and I guess to get married with Norwegian too XD.

21. I hate all kind of romance story in books, movies or mangas. I hate them all.

22. Even though I know I’m gonna be crushed in pieces, I always love the feeling of falling in love. I want to be in love all the time with the right person in the right time. 

23. I don’t like it when people think they know everything about me. Are they god or something? 

24. Love to hang out in a cafe on weekend. Alone with laptop at the corner, my fave spot.

25. My most fave anime of ALL TIME is D.gray-man. It's THE BEST. EVER!!!

26. I don’t wanna admit it and I’m not even a religious person, but I actually can’t live without God.

27. I don’t trust people easily.

28. I have sixth sense. Sometimes I can see future in my dreams. Sometimes.

29. Every time I'm feeling down, I always and must write how I feel. If not, there will be something terrible lol.

30. I love my family so much to the extent that I would kill anyone who hurt them. But but... I love God more >___< Aaaah, what a dilemma. I'm scared to God, so I guess I can't kill anyone lool.


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  1. haha, i enjoy reading this, feel like you're given your readers an access to get to know you a bit more about yourself :D


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