I always love You... always...
Just by saying it, tears pouring down on my cheeks.
Coz I know I'm no worthy just saying that
I always hurt You... again... and again...

I can feel You were crying beside me when I let You down
Forgive me, please....

I missed You
I missed Your love
I missed to be called as Your favourite kid again
I missed Your divine blessing to me
I missed how You revealed secrets to me

I'm sorry I've been running away from You
I'm sorry I didn't passed Your tests

I fell again and again in deeper sins

This time I give up, Lord.

Please take away all my burdens
Please make me strong so I could win in Your other tasks

I have no one who could truly support me in everything
I want to be at Your place when the time is come

One thing I ask to You, Lord...
Please, make me strong in everything...


  1. Love letter to...?? *belon bisa nebak* :p

    1. NOOOO This letter is for the Big Guy up there -_____-

  2. setelah baca postinganmu ini, i'm wondering, can i write a love letter to my hubby even he's beside me everyday?
    jadi kepikiran dan jadi tertantang. hm... bagus juga nih buat topik postingan :)


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