Guess what! I found one beautiful song on youtube accidentally, and I think it's so HIM. But of course, there are some part that isn't exactly him.

Let's see how the lyric goes.


Tall, dark and super manlyPuts papers in his briefcase and drives awayTo save the world or go to workIt's the same thing to me

He's got his mother's eyes, his father's ambitionI wonder if he knows how much that I miss himI hang on every word you say

You'll smile and say "How are you?"And I'll say, "Just fine"I always forget to tell you I love you ==> the word 'love' is kinda overated for now lol :PI'll love you forever

I watched Superman fly awayYou've got a busy day todayGo save the worldI'll be around

I watched Superman fly awayCome back, I'll be with you somedayI'll be right here on the groundWhen you come back down 
Tall, dark and beautifulHe's complicated, he's irrational (on the contrary, he's very rational lol)But I hope someday he'll take me awayAnd save the day, yeah

Something in his deep brown eyes has me sayingHe's not all bad like his reputationAnd I can't hear one single word they say

And you'll leave, got places to beAnd I'll be okayI always forget to tell you I love youI loved you from the very first day

And I watch you fly around the worldAnd I hope you don't chase another girlDon't forget, don't forget about me

I'm far away, but I'll never let you goI'm lovestruck and looking out the windowDon't forget, don't forget where I'll be

Right here wishing the flowers were from youWishing the card was from youWishing the call was from you'Cause I've loved you from the very first day

I really love the lyric at first time I hear it. It also describes him so well, except at the part 'dark' and 'brown eyes' lol. 
Then, I thought... ok, I'm gonna call him 'Superman' from now on. This is a bit weird because my most fave superhero ever since I was a kid was Superman. And here I found a song that describe him so well in a song titled 'Superman'. Coincidence?

"My Dear Superman, when you gonna come back down and get me?"
Sincerely, Freya


  1. kurang suka saya sama tokoh yang satu ini :)

    1. why not? Superman is a such a perfect guy :P. Yeah, he only lives in fantasy world tho -sigh-

  2. fallin' in love ni yeeeeeeeeee..



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