I don't know how to explain this (ROFL)

Well, if I have to explain from the beginning, the first thing I want to tell is that how grateful I am to have lots of friends that accept me the way I am. And I'm very lucky because they let me to be myself no matter how crazy or how embarrassing or how annoying I can be. They even don't let me to be different on my own. If I go crazy, they will do the same too lol, or maybe you can say that they're as crazy as I am haha.

But, don't you ever think we never have problem in our friendship. We all had our ups and downs. Like wise man once told me that girls' friendship is so fragile like a piece of paper. Once you break it, there's no other way to turn it back. He was right. But like I said, I'm a very lucky girl to have lots good friends in my life.

I have many close friends who know exactly what are my flaws, my dark side and everything. Some of them satirize all of that and put those into a quite bitter jokes and then mostly we end up laughing bitterly in a very elegant way (I mean we mostly try so hard to not kill each other, so we laugh instead lol). No wonder if I have to wear 'mask' to these kind of people.

Some of them accept all of me and together we help each other to be a better person. And of course, honesty is the most important thing in here. Without honesty, we can't even move on and become a better person.

So today, I asked a question to my best friend. I do admit that something happened around a week ago. I really want to tell her everything, but I don't know. It was so hard to even say a word about it. What if she judge me? What if she make fun of me? What if she tell other people? I'm so scared about the possibility she will betray my expectation. So, instead of talking about my problem, I asked her a question:

"Do you think I'm stupid?"

And OMG, I was surprised with her answer. I was like, 'did she know anything about what happened to me lately?' lol. But, I thought it's impossible since I never told anyone except people on net world. More or so, she answered my question like this, "Nez, I think you're a very smart girl, but sometimes you can be so stupid like a child, especially when it comes to love."

And then she told me how I was with my ex loool and then the other 2 guys I fell in love with.

:| Damn, she knows me too well. And I was panic when she said, "Why did you ask that? Don't tell me you fall in love again."

Haish, damn you, A.


  1. Kalau stupid, masa bisa posting sekeren ini + bhs inggris pula.... hihihihihi

  2. Gyaaaaa it's an honor to get a perfect teacher like you said that I'm smart loooool.... *jepret dulu* *simpen poto*


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