"Don't judge a girl by her laughters, coz you don't know how many hours she cried last night... --@KeiSavourie

It's true that I laugh so much everyday. I always put a smile on my face and I usually laugh so loud as if like I'm happy all the time. If you think I never have problem and I live a good life all this time, you're wrong.

The truth is I've been through a lot and I always hide my pain with smiles and laughters. The louder my laugh is, the bigger the problem I hide. But not everyone is easy to fool with that. Some people who really care about me could always see me through my 'mask', that there's something wrong with me. They would usually let me laugh and make a joke out of everything and even let me make fun of them, teasing them all I want, and after that, they took me somewhere quiet to have a talk. Most of the time I just cried in front of them without talking and they would force me to tell them what was my problem.

But some people just let me cried out my heart and that's it. I respect these kind of people more. Not that I don't appreciate people who care about me, but sometimes it's so hard to talk about your problems. And also, I had enough bad experiences when my own friends use my 'secrets' to attack me. I even still couldn't believe that there was such a thing happened. I mean it was like a drama or something.

I believed them but they betrayed me.

So, no. I don't think I ever trust people again. But don't worry, I'm not alone. I always have friends to help me through bad stuff.


  1. hai hai freya...
    semua yang kita lakukan adalah pilihan, termasuk wearing a mask :).
    jalanin aja apa yang menurut dikau nyaman, selama tidak merugikan orang lain.
    have a nice weekend sis :)

  2. saya menyebutnya 'diplomasi' ;)


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