I'm tired to keep bugging my brother or sister to drive me anywhere. Well, I have scooter but when it rain outside, I can't go out and also it's pretty hot out there. I can feel all those sun light pour on my beautiful skin huhuhu. So yeah, I don't think twice when my dad offer me to learn how to drive a car.

Actually I already know how to drive in high school, but I got in some kind of 'accidents' and then I'm scared to drive again. My dad even already bought me a car, but since I can't drive, my dad gave it to my brother.

So when my brother decided to move out from our house, I know I can't count anyone else anymore. I need to drive myself. My dad has been so stressed when he teach me haha. Like today, I almost hit a big truck in front of us haha. He kept complaining that he get older 20 years when he teach me lol.

Today he forced me to drive on highway. Thank God, I could drive well without any major incident. And then we went to mountains area of Bandung City. It was so beautiful. I always love mountains area. I love the air, the trees, everything. I don't know why but I have this weird connection with mountains or jungle or anything with big trees and animals. I feel like I belong there. If there was a reincarnation, I think I was a tiger who love to sit down on a tree, admiring the sound of nature. I really really love mountains. That's why I love Bandung so much.

These are the pics I took on my journey with my dad. I didn't even bring my phone, so I took these pic with my dad's phone. It's a bit dark, I know.

 That's the car I use, my sister's car. She's gonna kill me if she know haha.

By the way, when I was trying to upload those pics above, I found one weird pic in my dad's phone.

Is that Bull's ass?
Why the hell my dad took that pic for? LOOOL


  1. hahhaha, hilarious.
    You should get "confident" first before the skill to drive.
    If you're not confident, until the end of time, you won't be able to drive.
    You were very lucky to have a "tender-loving-care" dad, who was willing to teach you how to drive. You are a LUCKY girl.. eventhough your Dad loves saving the bull's ass... hihihihihi.. *pisssss* :p

    1. ehem... actually he's not 'tender-loving-care' dad loool. He was so scary when he taught me to drive huhuhuh >____< But yeah, you're right, Gek. I'm lucky. Very lucky, and I'm so grateful for that.

      And that bull's ass was some kind of batak's culture ceremony. LOL.

  2. jadi inget pertama kali nyupir juga hahahaha :)~

    1. LOL. tell me tell me, Pitshu. How was it going when you drive your car for the first time? hihihih


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